What You Need to Do to Learn How to Make a Scrapbook

February 5, 2014 No Comments

When my first baby was born, there was so much excitement from family and friends. The baby was adorable and good looking and everyone wanted to take photos of him right from the maternity attendants.  Some of the baby’s cousins were taking photos of the baby’s hair, fists, size of the leg and hands. I was a bit mesmerized and I kept wondering; are these not too many photos for just one child? How would they be preserved so as to stay clean, neat and colored as they had been taken? When I was struggling with these thoughts I met a lady I go for a merry – round with and was trying to explain to me how she makes her money for the merry – go – round contributions. It was through a part time art that I will share with you on this article.

Melany does scrapbooking and she helped me out of my predicament of how my baby’s photos would be preserved by introducing the aspect of making a scrapbookand strong them in it. I was really excited and almost immediately she began the lessons. This was an art that I would learn comfortably now that I was on maternity leave. Other than sitting there and waiting for the baby to wake up, I would nurse that boredom by getting busy with the scrapbooking art. It involves making album like scrapbooks that more often than not are used to preserve such like items, pieces of hair, fabric that you love, photos, menus, cuttings and memory verses among others.

Learning how to make a scrapbook is easy so long as you have the right basic materials. It is not a task for a particular gender or age. The following are the simple steps that you can follow:

Step 1. Identify a theme for your scrapbook. For example a holiday vacation theme, a wedding or a child’s growth.

Step 2. Have some cards to work on and preferably cardboard.

Step 3. Get some cards to stick the photos on. The best of the cards is to have a different background. Use the secret of the normal album spacing photos from each other. 1CM.

Step 4. Have some writings of the title in large characters.

Step 5. Write important facts on the pages.

Step 6. Once you are done, you can place some embellishments across the page or even decorate the page with patterns of your choice.

Regards of having learnt the steps of making a scrapbook, it is also important that you apply your imagination and creativity. This means you will learn to do better things with time.  You could also subscribe to scrapbook magazines and journals always on sale throughout the month. They will help you learn new ideas and tips of what you need to do to achieve in your scrapbooking project.

Scrapbooking is one of the most popular arts that people are able to exercise their creativity while spending so little on it. You need not to invest on tools, machinery, materials or even labor. All by yourself, you are good to go.

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