Scrapbooking: Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Personalised Scrapbook

April 5, 2014 No Comments

We commonly keep and post our photos in a photo album. Sometimes we also include in our photo album memorable items that we had in the past like your first concert ticket, the first flower that was given to you by your boyfriend or sometimes even newspaper clippings.

When using a photo album which you can purchase in any department store near you, there are things that you want to incorporate in your album however you are stuck with the original feature of the photo album. Say for example, you want to customize the album pages like cutting the edges of the photo album or perhaps painting the album’s cover page. Sometimes the size of the photo you want to add in your album also becomes a big problem since you are limited to the original size of the photo album. Off course, you can’t do all the customizations you really want if you will just buy a photo album in stores around you. In case you will, you will just ruin the looks of the photo album that you just bought.

Creating and using a personalized scrapbook would be the best solution if you really want to customize everything. From the cover page design, the size of the scrapbook, the number of pages, the color… everything is under your control. Customize it as you want it!

When you create your own personalized scrapbook you are certainly expressing yourself. With the color design, motif and embellishments; that will certainly show your emotion whether you want to show a happy or sad feeling with the scrapbook .It’s really all up to you.  Also with the scrapbook content and pages, you can assign one page for anything that you would like to put emphasis with like a big photo of yours or maybe an introduction about the scrapbook – that is how you are free in customizing and designing your scrapbook pages.

And finally, while creating and using a personalized scrapbook, you can add anything in your scrapbook. You are not just limited to adding photos in your scrapbook but you can add anything you desire like event tickets, newspaper clippings, postcards, or anything you want to add that will add creativity in your scrapbook.

With all these things being said, I know that you can create a unique and artistic scrapbook that you can share with you friends and loved ones!
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to create that wonderful personalized scrapbook!

Happy Creating!

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