Have the Right Scrapbooking Paper if you are Passionate about Scrapbooking

October 30, 2013 No Comments

I have been feeling sad for the last couple of months when reality hit me that I was about to proceed on maternity leave yet I did not know what I would be doing with myself while home besides looking after the  new born. The sadness was bringing me down and I found myself talking to a couple of stay home mothers to find out how they coped with it. Luck was on my side when I was introduced to scrapbooking by one of the mothers who did confess that she was not even sure she would resume work after expiry of her maternity leave because of the satisfaction she was getting from scrapbooking.

Let me now tell you about this art of making scrapbooks which are mainly used for preserving those items that you really hold dear to yourself like Christmas photos and while on holiday, menus and exciting magazine cuttings like cartoons among other things. The beauty in this art is the availability of tools and supplies which include the scrapbooking paper that you use to apply more creativity and decoration on your work.  This is because the paper comes in different designs, sizes, color and patterns. However patterned paper is known to be the most popular and mainly used at the background of the scrapbook and which is meant to tone up pictures and other items and images on that particular page.  This scrapbooking paper could also play a big role for you especially if you are using a plain scrapbook. It brings out the actual theme and message of intent into your project like a trip or a special occasion.

There are various considerations to make while looking out for this paper. First and foremost ensure its patterns and mementos compliment the images you intend to use. Your themes should be clear and well organized thus you should make the right choices of colors and designs.

Features of a good scrapbooking paper

  • It should be strong, solid and of normal size that of 12×12 which is the most recommended.  However at some point you may be required to use the 8×8 inches
  • The paper should be acid – free which will ensure its longevity and there will be no yellow coloring with time which happens to a standard paper. This means that your photos will not be at risk of being damaged.
  • A good scrapbooking paper should lead to better preservation hence is a requirement that it is lignin – free which makes the paper turn to color brown.

Your choice of paper will determine the end results of your project hence it is vital that you only by it if you are sure that is what you want and only if you are sure that it will compliment the theme and the images on your scrapbook.  You can make an online order so long as you lay out well your specifications and expectations and possibly it should be within your budget. Otherwise the rest of creativity is all about you.

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