Creating a Scrapbook in Preserving Memorabilia

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It is in the 15th century that albums were used as souvenirs of European tours and were used to store local memorabilia including coats of arms or works of art commissioned by local artisans. However, nothing is as good as to behold the old memories of activities you undertook, places you went or people you interacted with.  Most times we hold these memories in form of photos thus how we preserve them is of great essence. This in addition to how we preserve other adorable items like memory verses, poetry articles, recipes, favorite songs and newspaper or magazine cuttings.

In normal circumstances many of us may not really care about the above items but to the few that want to take memories into the future an opportunity of preserving them hereby presents itself. The aspect of scrapbooking which is the art of making decorated albums for preservation while using different designs and being creative.

Scrapbooks have been used by many to preserve photos of the activities they undertook while growing up, photos of the birth of their children, shopping sprees, vacations, honeymoon, wedding and engagements photos. These photos give us a lot of memories.

Scrapbooking is an amazing activity that has evolved over time. Many scrapbookers have also emerged alongside thousands of stores and hundreds of manufacturers with multiples of products to use. Scrapbookers have found themselves collecting every small piece of fabric ribbons and buttons that have been assumed to be waste and they later get creative with them while making the scrapbooks.

Many may think that scrapbooking is an uphill task but I will tell you it is not. For beginners, you only need to have the basic knowledge and understanding of the scrapbooking concept.  To achieve this you can befriend the champions who understand the craft and from whom you can learn a lot.  Many women and other scrapbookers who have embraced scrapbooking have formed learning groups and will occasionally have scrapbooking conventions, retreats and cruises where they share ideas and tips and more so enjoy the social networking.  Other places you can get scrapbooking information include the internet, journals and magazines.

While many people are doing it as a hobby, a good percentage of stay – home mothers are making a living out of it. It can be a lucrative business venture and notably the industry has increased in size between 2001 and 2004. This is because it is very cost effective and does not require prior experience or very technical tools to achieve and many more companies have come up to create scrapbooking products.

The various scrapbooking supplies that are a must to have to begin include the albums which are of different formats.  There are mini albums and accordion-style fold-out albums.Whichever you opt for it is advisable that they are permanently bound to allow insertion of whatever you want to preserve. Other supplies include a paper trimmer or cutting tool, photo mounting tape, archival pens for journaling and mounting glues among many others.

“Embellishments” like stamps and stickers are used to decorate scrapbook pages to give wonderful end products.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating that wonderful scrapbook now!

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